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I'm trying to add a user login there but since I'm new to CSS and learning as I go I would really really appreciate a quick guidance in this specific use case. I learn as I do. :P

Please see the source code of my site to see that everything is very structured and not complicated to add new things to; it's just that I have literally no idea where to start to add a Div to that specific location.

Thank you!

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If you want it perpetually stuck to the upper right hand corner, then

position: fixed;
top: 0px;
right: 0px;

If you just want it to appear to the right of your content, then float it.

Answered about 9 years ago by Nathan Duran

You'll probably want to float it in your header in the right upper corner. This can be easily done by placing the div in your <div id="header"> and float it right. (Same way as you've floated your logo to the left)

Answered about 9 years ago by Roel Sadza