I am new to Firewroks CS4 and keen to learn to use it right but I am having difficulty understanding the whole slicing and exporting mechanism, so that I can also use in Dreamweaver CS4.

Basically, I am unsure how to do the following and if anyone can assist with the process or point me to a possible online tutorial, that would be great.

What I have is a header banner image where I also have the name of the site to the left of this header banner.

On this same header image, I want to place two buttons (with rollover effects if possible), to the top right area of the header image, with links to another URL.

Now the things that I am unsure how to do are based on the above description are:

1) How can I make the name of the site section only, to the left of the banner as a link to a url when the user hovers over the name part only, the mouse hand turns into a pointer and gets redirected to url

2) The same goes for the two buttons that I have created as two individual symbols?

3) How can I slice the above two queries, so that I can export into Dreamweaver, so that all the required code comes across with all the desired effects, that is, when previewing in Firefox, all hovering on site name and two buttons work as requried?

I am just undure how to slice it? Unsure if I have to assign hotspots to the sections? Just unsure how to export it.

Would really appreciate any help to get me started or any good tutorials that demonstrate the above.

Thanks. TonyT.

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Try watching some quick video tutorials and then read this tutorial about slicing

Does that help?

Answered about 8 years ago by Gary Hepting
  • Thanks for that. Tony Tonen about 8 years ago