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I have just provided a page mockup for an accommodation website where their clientele are independent travellers. Although they like the page layout, they have a few questions that I'm not quite sure how to answer or provide valid technical feedback.

My questions: 1. Is someone able to advise me whether their queries below are valid and the accommodation table requires tweaking for iPhones and 2. Do you really think their Google query will make a huge impact on the page? I think it will for dialup perhaps - but not broadband or wireless. I have visited sites where Google maps have been used in an iframe and they seem to load easily for me and I do not have the fastest broadband. Many of the travellers that use the site will be on wireless or broadband speed. A small amount wil be using dialup.

Here are my employer's queries:

  1. Will the room info be almost unuseable on a small (mobile) screen? If it's occupying the same width as at present, could the room info be restricted in width?
  2. If the google map is live, it will slow down page loads greatly, and It's much better left on demand as it is at present.

Please see attached jpg of the page in question.

I actually haven't shown the left column but they are more concerned about the centre content column. The width of the actual page span that you see in the image is 744px and here is an example of a current page layout in the live environment - http://www.bbh.co.nz/bbh_HostelSearch.aspx?bbh=detail&HostelID=347

Thanks so much in advance.

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As for the 1st question, when it comes to mobile browsing we usually use a script to detect if the user is using a mobile or a pc. If it's a mobile, the script will detect it and run the settings intended for mobile viewing. As for the second question, google map doesn't affect the page speed that much in my experience. Maybe you can sort of conduct an experiment on your page speed with and without the google map. [spam link removed by mod]

Answered about 7 years ago by beerclub11
  • Hi. Thanks very much for this feedback. It does give me some "ammunition" for the want of a better word (support) regarding iphones and the google map. Cheers Felicia about 7 years ago

About your first question, what you can do is, design differently for mobile phones, with a much simpler and cleaner layout, this will also help in answering your clients first query. Give them all the info they want in a simple(minimal) format, its not at all hard, although time consuming, its a good way outAn example The design is not great but just something that you can work with once you have a neat design you can keep the same design for different mobiles.

Answered about 7 years ago by mudflap
  • This is also very helpful. I have actually provided a mockup with section tabs that had the headings contact hostel etc but one boss just was not into further page clicking. However, this is still relevant and useful. Thank you Felicia about 7 years ago