I have a legacy technique question, I'm creating an newsletter in HTML and are forced to use images within tables to create some effects. As long as I have control over the formatting of the source code that's no problem but my email marketing service keeps restructuring my source code, triggering the white-space bug for images within <td>.

How can I fix this without the common solution of removing the white-space between <td> and <img> and <tr><td> ? Any other weird methods out there?

I tried stacking images withouth separating them with a <td>-wrapper but I can't use that everywhere because of the layout.

I haven't been around long enough to encounter this kind of obsolete problems and solutions :)

  • I found a adequate solution in floating and aligning the images to the left. Has ok support in email clients today. Jens Hedqvist over 9 years ago

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Jordan 469

Have you tried setting your cellpadding to 0? <table cellpadding="0" If that doesn't working, you can try setting the padding and margin on the image to 0.

Answered over 9 years ago by Jordan
  • Nope. Won't fix that kind of bug. Also, margin and paddings doesn't work in some email clients. Jens Hedqvist over 9 years ago
  • Thanks anyway though! :) Jens Hedqvist over 9 years ago