Hello, do you know of any software that would help me transform a broken line into a curved line? For example, I have an octagon or a heptagon and I want it to be transformed into something resembling a circle.

The reason I am asking this question here: I want to create a website, in which the further a user explores the site, the more all the broken lines on the background will be becoming curved, which will be sending users an indirect message that they are "diving" deeper and deeper as they explore the site.

  • Do you think that "broken" is synonymous with "straight?" Nothing you're saying makes any sense at all. Nathan Duran over 9 years ago

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Any Graphics software will enable you to make the images you describe. and the algorithm for doing it is simply to add more sides to the object until it appears round.

Are you asking for something to automate the animation perhaps?

FWIW I don't think I'd get the message from a background image changing from a square to a circle that I'd dived deeper into a web site. Besides, most visits to web sites these days tend to start deep (from a web search) rather than start at the home page.

Maybe you should look at design patterns and breadcrumb trails for a more intuitive design concept?

Answered over 9 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • I see. Thank You Tony for this input and for the suggestion, and also thank You for these links. brilliant over 9 years ago