Hello I just started a Word press blog using the Bueno theme and i tweaked it a bit to make it look close to the way I want (in firefox). But when I went to my site in chrome it looked way different and not what I wanted at all. I am a web design 1 student just learning HTML so I don't really have the ability to solve this problem without some help.

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You've got a broken comment here:

li class="b page_item current_page_item"><!--<a href="http://www.theshwan.com">Home</a><--</li>

(one of your tweaks must have broken something) :)

which is confusing webkit browsers into including everything in the header div.

Always run your pages through a validator - it will usually give you some clues to work with.

Bug hunting with invalid code is a waste of time.

Answered over 8 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • Thanks Tony I didn't even know about validations i will get to work fixing these problems. James over 8 years ago