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I'm using the AnythingSlider tool and am having some trouble with the css and js on this. Basically, the slider has a number of navigation tabs that help jump from slide to slide. I want to change this so that when a coldfusion conditional runs, certain tabs will either remain in a default state or become inactive (change color of tab to grey, not let anything happen when user clicks on that tab.)

So basically, my CF would be something like

<cfif #X# is ""> //if true, make tab #2 not clickable, change color to grey
                 //else, if false, keep tab normal.

The slider is basically set up in html like this:

    <li></li>  //slide #1
    <li></li>  //slide #2  etc etc

I had the idea that maybe I could set up a class li class="false" as an example and have two li tags per 'slide' (show one if x is true, the other if not.)

So, I'm not sure if this makes sense but mostly, I need a hand manipulating the CSS. The code for the slider tabs looks like:

div.anythingSlider.activeSlider .thumbNav a.cur, div.anythingSlider.activeSlider .thumbNav a {
    background-color: #7C9127;

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You shouldn't ask this question here and on StackOverflow... this site is more for design and not scripting.

Answered over 8 years ago by Mottie