OK here's the deal.

I have a fairly large project that I built last year. It ran an oracle database with a C# desktop application front end. It worked OK based on the time I had to build it.

Because of some licensing (and other) issues, we decided to migrate the DB to SQL Server. I figured this would be a good time to refactor the desktop app and fix some bugs I had discovered once it got some use. I was thinking however that this application was a particularly good candidate for a web app.

And there's my problem. I like to think I'm a decent programmer (still have a lot to learn) but I know next to nothing about web development. I was hoping that if I described what the application needed to do that you guys could help me out by telling me what the available/best technologies are and maybe some resources to get me started.

The application itself is a certification tracking system for a college that I attend. The web app would need to have some sort of initial login and then different interfaces available based on your access level (example: professors get the admin interface whereas students get a very restricted "progress lookup" interface).

I have several functions and stored procedures on the DB side doing all the heavy lifting. The web front end would essentially just be requesting, formatting and displaying information.

Anyway, hopefully I kept from rambling enough that my post is coherent. Any help at all will be appreciated.

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The answer to your question really depends on how complicated of a web app you have in mind. However, since you have a background in programming, I'd suggest beginning by learning a common back-end language or framework like PHP & CakePHP or Ruby on Rails.

You'll also need to know the basic concepts of HTML and CSS, and perhaps a bit of JavaScript. How much you need to know here will vary greatly depending on the needs of your application. It may be simple enough that you could handle coding/designing the front end yourself. However, if the web app requires a UI with any sophistication, it may make more sense to collaborate with a contract/freelance web designer to create the HTML.

My understanding is that you are leaning towards the simple side. I'd probably just dive right into the HTML & CSS to see how much you can manage on your own, then call in help as needed.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Joshua Clanton
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You could pretty easily use those C# skills to ASP I imagine. Personally I wouldn't touch it, but if you're looking to use the knowledge you already have to your advantage that's probably the easiest way.

You'd obviously have to learn HTML/CSS but that comes with the territory and it's certainly not the nightmare it used to be anymore.

If it's my opinion you're after though I'd advise you learn the LAMP stack.

Answered almost 10 years ago by orta