Hi I have a question about applying sound to onmouseover images. I have some code but this code needs some adjustment and I am not sure how to do it.

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    var aySound = new Array();
      aySound[0] = "a.mp3";
      aySound[1] = "b.mp3";
      aySound[2] = "c.mp3";
      aySound[3] = "d.mp3";
      aySound[4] = "e.mp3";
      aySound[5] = "f.mp3";
      aySound[6] = "g.mp3";
 IE = (navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE")!=-1 && document.all)? 1:0;
 NS = (navigator.appName=="Netscape" && navigator.plugins["LiveAudio"])? 1:0;

ver4 = IE||NS? 1:0; onload=auPreload;

     function auPreload() {
        if (!ver4) return;
        if (NS) auEmb = new Layer(0,window);
      else {
            Str = "<DIV ID='auEmb' STYLE='position:absolute;'></DIV>";
    var Str = '';
        for (i=0;i<aySound.length;i++) Str += "<EMBED SRC='"+aySound[i]+"' AUTOSTART='FALSE' HIDDEN='TRUE'>" if (IE) auEmb.innerHTML = Str;

      auCon = IE? document.all.soundfiles:auEmb; 
      auCon.controll = auCtrl; 
    function auCtrl(whSound,Play) 
           if (IE) this.src = play? aySound[whSound]:'';
           else eval("this.document.embeds[whSound]." + (play? "play()":"stop()"))
    function playSOund(whSound)
           if (window.auCon) auCon.control(whSound,true);
    function stopSound(whSound)
           if (window.auCon) auCon.control(whSound,false);


<!-- -->

I need to apply sound to images that already has onmouseover images attached. in other words, the image should change and I should hear a sound when the mouse hovers over the image

Thanks jb

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Mottie 1134
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Your code appears to be kind of old (Netscape isn't around anymore). The majority of sites that play sounds are using a flash player to do so because playing sound may or may not be supported on all browsers.

I would suggest considering using jQuery. Check out this blog which provides a demo and links to both the jQuery sound and media plugins required.

Answered over 9 years ago by Mottie
  • Thanks but I don't know enough about jquery to use it. I don't know where the path to jquery is. Battle Tested over 9 years ago