Consider the requirement to modify an ASP.NET MVC template from the MVC Design Gallery. The specific template is called Orange.

Specific question around removing the right-hand column and allowing the center column to take advantage of the space taken by that column.

alt text

I have already:

  • killed the div for content-right (holding the login elements),
  • removed the styling for the content-container-inner for the background to where the content-right used to be.

Now the challenge is to allow the div content-container-inner to flow into the space to the right. The problem is that it's still being styled to wrap where the content-right used to be.

Question: How can I modify the style to allow the wrap? The padding hasn't shown to be the correct attribute to be tweaking. I realize this is a narrow question.

.content-container-inner {
    padding:0 200px;

Here are both the entire CSS file and page HTML.

Any suggestions are welcome!

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Are you sure it's not the padding? What if you change it to this?

padding: 0 0 0 200px;
Answered about 10 years ago by Edward Williams

Have you tried changing padding to 0px 0px 0px 200px? it certainly seems like it should be the padding doing that.

Answered about 10 years ago by Joe Spurling