I can't seem to make the 2 large call to action background image sprites on the right of my home page display in Firefox 5.0. When I look at the css & html in firebug in firefox it seems to be adding a transparency value rendering the images invisible. I don't know where this transparency value is coming from though cause it's not in my current css and I've refreshed the shit out of the site, cache, cdn, etc..

  • 'refreshed the shit out of the site' lol :) so it's not the same thing as this question - http://doctype.com/firefox-background-image-sprites-showing danwellman almost 8 years ago

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Ktash 1851

Okay, so I can only test this with Firebug, and I have FF4 not FF5 (but I don't see the buttons on the right either, so I'm thinking it might be the same issue), but the issue that seems to exist for me is that the values in background: transparent url(...) no-repeat scroll 0 0; need a color value. Firebug is autofilling transparent, but that is my guess, and here's why: In FF 4 at least, I can see the second button on hover, but not without, which made me suspect your 0px values not getting set correctly. When I set them via firebug, the images became visible and the background was fixed, but in looking at your CSS, you have 0px for those values, and not just 0s. You are, however, missing a color value in your declarations of those, and I'm suspecting FF isn't handling that correctly. If you add a transparent at the beginning of your declaration, it sets the background color to nothing, and instead lets the parent background bleed through. That is what the transparent you see in FireBug is.

Answered almost 8 years ago by Ktash
  • Not 100% sure what you mean but I added the following to one of the css declarations and nothing changed: #quote a:link { background: #000 url(http://www.reverbstudios.ie/wp-content/uploads/page-buttons.png) no-repeat 0 0; Leon Quinn almost 8 years ago
  • In FF4, that has fixed the issue for me. I know see both sprited buttons correctly now. If you're still not seeing them, it's likely a FF 5 issue, and, as I said, I haven't updated to the beta so I'm not sure I can help further... Ktash almost 8 years ago
  • Leon can you take a screen grab of the problem in FF5? Thanks. Kenneth Purtell almost 8 years ago
  • Updated: Just upgraded to FF 5, and I still see both the buttons. I think you can call this one squashed... Ktash almost 8 years ago