I'll be building a Wordpress theme and would be needing some advice in implementing it. here's the outline of my design. I will using 960.gs for the css layout.

Now my worries is what approach will i be using to the services(1,2,3...)? Will I use widget fort hat? Those boxes should be easy to maintain and update. (I've been a Joomla user so, So if I had code it in joomla I had used module for that approach. Is there a similar approach to Wordpress? that you can easily turn on/off the boxes? )

How can I change the look for each page? Some services will not be render in some pages (example, service 1-4 will not be avialabe for 'about page')

Thanks! :)

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Doug 1095
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You can use widgets. You could also make each one a post in a separate category that you exclude from normal post display. Include each one separately using the "include page" plugin (search for it at WordPress Plugins). If these "services" are something like ads, there are many plugins that can handle those directly.

To make some pages display differently, just use different page templates for them.

I would also recommend asking this question at the WordPress Forums instead or hiring someone at the WordPress Jobs site.

Answered over 9 years ago by Doug

Like Doug already mentioned, you could use widgets or normal posts under a separate category, but it all depends on what kind of content comes into the "Services" boxes. If it's only text, text and nothing but text (meaning no images, or special formatting) then widgets would be fine. If it's gonna be more than just text, formatting and images then you're better off using posts in a category.

I personally would go using posts, because then you have more freedom in styling your boxes and you have all the content together on the backend.

Answered over 9 years ago by Mark de Jong