We a have a from on our site for scheduling a service order . But the form has bunch of cascading drop downs ( which we populate via ajax ) .

I was wondering what is the best practice for displaying cascading drop downs . I usually see two approaches to displaying drop downs

  1. Not showing the second drop down until the first one is filled out
  2. Showing the second drop down and having it disabled until the first one is filled out .

The downside of the first approach is that it feels akward when stuff starts apprering out of nowhere .

Any pointers? we have like 6 or 7 of those on our form .

  • I don't know what scripting you are using but have you looked into using a form wizard? Mottie over 8 years ago

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orta 244

You could start loading the next part of the form as the form is being filled in, with a simple extending down animation.

That is about as close to a compromise of not having the user know how many more forms need to fill in vs it showing there is more to come.

Hard to say really.

Answered over 8 years ago by orta