What is the best way to display multiple languages on a WordPress site?

I will be building a site and wrapping it in WordPress. The client wants to display 3 languages on the site: English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese with content to be translated when the user clicks on a language flag. The goal is for the content to be updated across the site once changed on a single blog post or page on the client/WordPress side.

I have seen many ways to do this in my google searches but I just can't figure out which would be the easiest to implement and the most client-user friendly. Is there is an easy to install WordPress Plugin? Or is the best option just to make a parent page for each of the languages?

I would really appreciate help on this topic! Thanks in advance!

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I have heard good things about this plug-in: http://wpml.org/ and the WordPress Codex details all the options for adding multiple languages in WordPress:


Answered about 8 years ago by Tony Crockford

The plug-ins work well for WordPress. It is also good to note that there are also free widgets that will do this for any website that you can paste a simple script tag into. Google Translate has one that I've used with success. Here is another one: Free Website Translation

Answered about 8 years ago by Artistic Abode