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You know how you can zoom in and out on most browsers? (Typically CTRL ++ and CTRL+- or ?++ and ?+- on a mac). I've been working with a page and I've realized that it looks a whole lot better when I'm zoomed out 1 level so the entire page is a little bit smaller. I actually want to restyle my page to match what it looks like at that zoom level. But the page has a bunch of elements and it's going to be a pain to resize everything. Are there any tricks/tools/tips to resize every element or the entire page zoom level?

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First of all, you can't force the users browser to use a certain zoom level, which imho is a good thing.

If you have a liquid CSS design you might be able to change just a few rules of the CSS and be done. If the design is not liquid, you'll have to resize all the elements manually. If you have designed and built your site correctly, by dividing content and layout properly, you'll only have to work in the CSS file(s).

For more information on the difference between a liquid and a static design: or search for the information.

Lastly: don't forget that big letters are a good thing, a big percentage of surfers have bad eyes (basically everyone over 40) and accomodating them won't hurt people with good eyes in the least.

Answered over 8 years ago by Niels Bom