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Hi Guys...

Sorry for posting this questions again, but I didn't undertand the pevious answers.

On my Bigcartel webstore, I'm trying to alter the CSS layout to do the following -

On each product page, I'd like to move the 'add to cart' button and product size selector dropdown menu. I'd like to move them so they sit under the product image. So it will go in this order, with a space in between each one and aligned to the middle of the picture -

Product Image Dropdown size selector Add to cart button

Pasted below is some kind of CSS template that affects the layour of each product page. It would be super helpful if anyone could take a look at it and do this small change for me please. I don't have any CSS knowledge and can't afford a designer yet, so any help would be hugely apreciated. My store can be found at www.getupmerch.com

Thanks a lot,


0 %} href="{{ product.image | product_image_url }}"{% endif %}>{% if product.image_count > 0 %}{% endif %} {% if product.image_count > 1 %}
{% endif %}

{{ product.price | money_with_sign }}{% if product.on_sale %} - On Sale{% endif %}

{% if product.description != blank %}
{{ product.description | paragraphs }}
{% endif %} {% case product.status %} {% when 'active' %} {% if theme.show_inventory_bars %}


    {% for option in product.options %}
    {% unless product.has_default_option %}{{ option.name }} - {{ option.inventory }}% in stock{% endunless %}
    {% if option.sold_out %}Sold Out{% endif %} {% endfor %}
{% endif %} {% if product.has_default_option %} {{ product.option | hidden_option_input }} {% else %}
{{ product.options_in_stock | options_select }}
{% endif %} Add to cart {% when 'sold-out' %}

Sold Out

{% when 'coming-soon' %}

Coming Soon

{% endcase %}

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It's not (as far as I can see) a simple CSS change. It's more about editing the big cartel template that you are using.

Have you asked for help on the Big Cartel Help page?

Answered almost 10 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • Yes I've tried to contact Big Cartel. But they don't offer any help with this. I know it's possible to change it as lots of people have done it. So I'm just looking for someone that has done it before and can help me make the change. Thanks anyway. TimW almost 10 years ago

I went to ALOVEOFTHUNDER.COM and bought the theme. Saved about 3 hours of mind numbing coding.

Answered almost 9 years ago by markritchie