Hi! I am not familiar with much code, but I am hoping this is quite easy. Looking on how to insert an image on the bottom right-hand side of our shopping cart. beneath the faq and contact us page.

Any suggestions?

Thank you! Marlena Sweetspud.com

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you need to create a block in HTML, something like this

<div id="contactusimageright"> <IMG src="location of image"> </div>

then format it in css

#contactusimageright {
 display: inline;
 float: right; 
 right: 20%;  /*this is where you write how far from the right, you want it to show up, either pixels or a %*/
Answered over 9 years ago by Michael Fitzpatrick
  • Add the HTML directly above the line near the bottom of your code that looks like this: `<div id="badge"><a href="http://bigcartel.com" title="Check out Big Cartel"><span>Powered by Big Cartel</span></a></div>` Mottie over 9 years ago