Can I browse a blog's comments feed further than the first page (usually 10 comments)

I know there's a comments feed: /comments/feed

and comments feed for a specific post: /feed?p=23

and posts feed which can be paginated: /feed?paged=2

and the ability to pageinate comments on a post using comment-page-2 or cpage=2 on a post (not in feed).

But how do I go to page #2 on a comments feed? Or on a specific post's comments feed?

I tried all sorts of combinations, with no help:





/feed?p=23&cpage=2 (that redirects to -->)

/post-slug/feed/comment-page-2 (returns 404),


/post-slug/comment-page-2/feed/ (returns 404)

Is it even possible?


  • You'll probably get speedier answers on a WordPress support forum. Nathan Duran over 9 years ago

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Kau-Boy 110

If you are the owner of the blog, there are some plugins which are especially designed for those needs (like my Comment Notification Plugin). If it is not your blog it might be harder as the blog owner can limit the entries in a feed.

It looks like the number of entries in the comments feed is hardcoded (wp-includes/query.php line 2268 in WP2.9.2):

$climits = apply_filters('comment_feed_limits', 'LIMIT ' . get_option('posts_per_rss'));

So I don't think you can get more that the specified number of comments within a comment feed, because the get_option() function returns a database value which you cannot modify with a GET parameter.

Answered over 9 years ago by Kau-Boy