A very Merry Christmas from RodneyPiper to all the great minds here at Doctype!

I am having a swell Xmas but am still working and managing my site day and night!

I would like to know how i can take care of "browser caching" for my sites' visitors, so they can always see recent content.

Regards All

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If you have control over the server portion of the content you are serving up, you can set expires headers to specific dates (in the future, past, etc) to ensure that when the browser checks it's local cache, it will make a determination on what it needs to re-download.

Usually, if you want to force a re-cache of content, you can set the content expires header in the far past. That way the browser will always download it, regardless of when the actual content was posted/made available.

There is a really good book by O'Reilly called "High Performance Websites" (... that I just got for Christmas!) that explains the whole lot of tips and tricks on how to ensure your site is loading fast and efficiently. A must read for anyone wanting to host high-demand websites.

Answered over 8 years ago by Nathan DeGruchy