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I'm looking for a template to download that I can add images and text to (of course) and the template would need to have the option to place the thumbnails either below or to the side of the main image and a user would need to either select the thumbnail for the large image to appear above or to the side of it, or, the user could rollover the thumbnail and the larger image would appear above or to the side of the thumbnail - similar to this slideshow but it would need a couple of lines of text each time one selects the image: http://www.artworkslandscape.co.nz/project-gallery/gardens/fendalton-garden

Since I am not "yet" a JQuery developer but I do know CSS and html reasonably well, I would like something that is browser compatible and good for usability. Any ideas / leads?

Thanks very much for your help in advance. :-)

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There are loads of jquery gallery/slideshows available for download, for which you dont need to be a jQuery guru to use them. The things you want are available in many of the slideshows, the text can be entered in the title atribute for most of this libraries and will appear with the big image. Where this appears, where the thumbnails are, its all up to you. Its all styleable with CSS. besides that, most of these have been in the run for some time, and are improved from community feedback. This means that almost all of them are cross browser compatible. I suggest you look into it.

Also, watch podcasts and tutorials from Net tuts or jQuery for designers thos are very useful when it comes to basics for html, css javascript and jquery.

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Answered almost 9 years ago by Menno Geelen
  • Hey Menno, thanks for the tip about the podcasts and tutorials. albion01 almost 9 years ago
  • Hi Menno - thanks for the feedback. I've tried a couple of slideshows (flash) but they seem to be rather inflexible and clunky. I will check out the sites you have provided. Thanks so much Felicia almost 9 years ago