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I'm using sprite and it seems they are being loaded the number of times they are used... which defeats the purpose of spriting at the first place. Why? I am using background: url() for the sprites.

Aren't browsers smart enough to know they're the same images? For example I use some 30+ blank images in element as placeholder for sprite later. That blank images gets loaded 30+ times the first time around. Is this expected?

  • What evidence do you have for the multiple retrieval? Are you actually monitoring the data stream with a packet filter, or just looking at the counter on the progress bar? Resources are "counted" even if they are being retrieved from the cache. Richard Grevers almost 10 years ago
  • Firebug NET panel. It records requests that return 200 status OK, not 304 NOT MODIFIED, on first time load (not from cache). SyaZ almost 10 years ago

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Are you importing the image in separate places?

So you have your element declarations at the top of your CSS where you define stuff you want to apply a bg-image to.

element1, element2, element3, li.sponge { background:url(/img/sprite.gif) no-repeat; }

Then we get specific lower down in the code

element1 { background-position: 0px 0px; }

element2 { background-position:0px 100px; }


Forgive the crudeness of the example, just checking. Hope it was that simple.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Simon
  • Thanks, that's the problem, I should define the url at a higher level and only change position at the specific levels. SyaZ almost 10 years ago