Has any one come accross a problem before where all browsers are showing certain types of text as an outline?

Its seems to be mainly happening to <h1> or <h2> tagged text all alot of different sites, but not all of them. I've attached a screen grab as an example.

I'm running Windows XP Service Pack 2 and this is happening in FF and IE but not Safari.

Any ideas?

alt text

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I've fixed this issue.

The problem was caused by a corrupt Helvetica font on my machine not being read correctly by browsers. Possibly an OpenType issue.

Answered about 10 years ago by Lee Simpson
  • I'm having this problem too! and it's on Safari but not on FF. hmm, in line with Michael T's note below of 3 years ago.. (FF started asking too many cookie questions.. was going to drive me crazy, so switched to Safari even tho I prefer FF) I can't solve the Outline problem. I checked my Font Book's Helveta fonts, didn't see any Outline versions there. Wrong place to look? I also tried changing my Safari font choices to no avail. Frustrating as I can't read the Outlines!! cat over 6 years ago

For anyone else experiencing this:

I encountered a similar issue to what Lee experienced, except that my situation was resolved by deactivating the Helvetica Neue Bold Outline face. Because of the way the font file is named, it gets loaded before regular Helvetica Neue Bold — if you notice, the fonts getting outlined are all bold-faced fonts.

There are a few bugs open for Safari and Firefox that address this issue - it looks like FF 3.5 resolves it, but Safari 4 still has the issue. (Firefox, Safari)

Answered about 10 years ago by Michael Tierney