What's the current status for Browser supporting @font-face? From what I saw, Internet Explorer needs different fonts than FireFox or Chrome (interestingly, I can't blame Microsoft for this one as they support it since IE4...)

Is there a way to take a .ttf font and convert/embed it so that it works with IE8, FireFox 3.5, Chrome 4 and Safari on Windows? (Linux and Mac support is nice, but not important for the project I'm working on)

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o.k.w 2355

Well, the modern browsers are already supporting @font-face. Almost all support TTF, OTF format with a major exception, that is IE.

IE4 to IE8 support the EOT (Embedded Open-Type) format, which means kinda nightmare for cross browser compatibility.

There are tools to convert OFT/TTF to EOT but I've not tried them.

Here are some interesting reads:

Answered over 8 years ago by o.k.w

Good summation of the whole @font-face situation here:


I've been using Cufon instead:


Answered over 8 years ago by Tony Crockford