I'm having problems with IE png fix on my website. It works correctly when I use it locally, but when I deployed it to the server, it does some wierd transformation to some images.


I've had very similar problem to the first one in the past, but it somehow magically fixed itself.

The website can be found here if you want to check for yourself.

What could cause pngfix to behave like this?

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danwellman 5600
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I generally find DD_BelatedPNG a better solution than any other png fixing script...

Answered almost 9 years ago by danwellman
  • I generally try to avoid any of those scripts as these scripts needs JS to be activated and they slow the IE6 down a lot, if you have a couple of PNGs on your page. I always use GIFs within a CSS file for IE6 and lower which are not as nice as PNGs but they always work out. Kau-Boy almost 9 years ago
  • When it's just a couple of PNGs, you're right, it can be better to use GIFs. It depends on whether your designer is happy for the images to not be as anti-aliased. Gifs do not always work however. IE6 already runs very slowly indeed compared to most modern browsers anyway, an efficient script should not make too much difference. There are now statistically less people using IE6 than there are people with JS turned off (according to today's mashable post) danwellman almost 9 years ago
Kau-Boy 110

I've just tested you page with IE6 under Windows 7 within the XP-mode and I can't see any problem with the images. So maybe the test programs doesn't render the page as IE6 does.

Answered almost 9 years ago by Kau-Boy