I tried this

.commentdate {
    font-size: 12pt;
    color: #6e6e6e;
    font-style: normal;
    font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, Helvetica, Arial;
<span class="commentdate">03/12/2009 h2</span>


03/12/2009 h2

but neither are working for me in google chrome, any ideas of what I am missing, this is so basic but still not working

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Jason 0
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seems it just another part of my css file was causing it, you can delete this post

Answered about 10 years ago by Jason
danwellman 5600

I notice you're using pt for font-size btw, pt is used prinmarily in printed documents so should only be used in your print stylesheet.

Use px or em for screen text :)

Answered about 10 years ago by danwellman
George 68

I would recommend looking in to CSS shorthand. It can save you a lot of time once you gain experience. Most of your styles can be combined into a single line.

font: normal 12pt Verdana, Helvetica, Helvetica, Arial;

Answered about 10 years ago by George