This is one of those annoying "I had this working, so what has changed?" type questions. (And yes, I do need to get SVN working here!)

The page at has carousel-type display of a sequence of html panels driven by a jquery plugin called "cycle".

At one point I had the panels displaying in all browsers I had checked: IE7, IE8, Firefox 3, 3.6, Chrome 4, Opera 10.

Now, the panels are displaying only in Opera and IE7 - they have vanished in Mozilla, Chrome and IE8.

Chrome's object inspector suggests that the panels are located below the space intended for them. The panels contain floated elements, but are themselves relatively positioned.

Note that the source as viewed in a DOM inspector differs from the source as viewed directly (inline style inserted by jquery).

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The width of the div#panelholder at 1000px (created by the cycle plugin, I believe) is too wide and it got pushed down.

I don't know if it's a plugin bug but setting the width after the plugin code seems to help.


Alternatively, bring the panel forward and positioning it absolutely works too:

Answered over 9 years ago by o.k.w
  • The first suggestion seems to have done it - thanks! Richard Grevers over 9 years ago