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I am working on a page that has a calendar on it and the page content has shifted somewhat from the original layout.

The background image is down and the logo has shifted down and to the right a little.

The layout should look like this but as you can see here there is a subtle but important difference. I have FireBugged this to death but can't figure out what is causing this shift.

Please note, that I am working with a legacy system that combines tables and divs. This is not my choice, but rather, something that I have to work with.


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The background image has vanished because #header is picking up styles from base.css which include a background-color: #FEFFFE;

The logo has dropped because that is picking up margins from base.css

base.css is not loaded by the first page.

seems to be part of the calendar, but the id's clash...

Answered almost 8 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • Hi Tony, thank you for spotting that. base.css is the styling for the calendar. I will go in and remove the conflicting items. Thanks! fmz almost 8 years ago
  • Tony Crockford, FTW. +1 Abinadi Ayerdis almost 8 years ago