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Have a look at my favicon on the top-left corner of the title bar on your browser. My Blog address again is http://www.RodneyPiper.tv/

I would like the bgcolor of the favicon to match the grey color of the browser bar, for a nice look.

What simple editing program can i use and how do i go about it?

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  • I'm not sure which browser you're using, but I don't have any that draw a gray address bar on the screen. Nathan Duran about 9 years ago

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What you actually need is transparency, since there are a million colour schemes out there. Not only do people change their windows/OS theme or colour schemes, but all the major browsers other than IE now support skins.

Assuming you currently have a png or gif image, open it in Irfanview (excellent free image viewer/manipulator) and save as type .ico. Click the "show options dialog" box, and when that opens, click "save transparent color". When you click save, a window will open up where you click on the colour that you want to be transparent.

If your file is already named favicon.ico, rename it first then use the same procedure with "save as".

Answered about 9 years ago by Richard Grevers

You could also use these online tools:

Dynamic Drive FavIcon Generator - Upload a PNG-image and get the icons (even desktop-icons included)

Favicon.cc - Primitive but much controll

Answered about 9 years ago by Jens Hedqvist
  • I use that all the time! Kyle Sevenoaks about 9 years ago
  • Hi 1302, i have tired both web services, but they dont give me the desired result! What do i do next? Are they any other services? :-) rodney oleshin about 9 years ago