I am in the processing of puting up a website and need a little help.. i would like to change the front page of my online to have the appearance of my store front, and then when you click on the door it takes you to the shopping area.. can you help me please?

  • We're unable to see what you mean, your link just shows a 'down for maintenance' box. Do you have a link for us behind this faade? PaulBM almost 10 years ago

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If this was a site hosted on your own server, it would simply be a matter of creating an index.html page which linked to index.php (or whatever the existing default is) and putting index.html ahead of index.php in the DirectoryIndex parameter in a .htaccess file.

But, since it looks as though bigcartel.com is a hosted service, you will need to ask their support if what you want is possible. Also, have you considered how badly that will kill your search engine ranking?

Answered almost 10 years ago by Richard Grevers