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What's the best way to change the text of the statusbar when a user hovers over a button on my webpage? I have searched for this and foung a few random blogs about a month ago but the code doesn't work at all. Can somebody please help?

It's just a simple HTML/CSS site with abit of Jscript. :)

  • Also, if I had my own way; I'd use a different way to inform the users of how to use the website. But it's my boss who's so hell-bent on this statusbar idea, and I did already try to use: window.status = "text over here"; but that seems to have been disabled, as you mentioned in your answer. Jason almost 10 years ago
  • You need to explain to your boss that updating the status bar via script is not widely supported and is unpopular with many users. He may be hell-bent on having the status bar updated via script, but if he understands that only a small percentage of visitors will see the updates, will he still be so keen to spend time (and money) developing it? danwellman almost 10 years ago

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What browser are you testing in? Years ago all browsers let you change the status bar text programatically using the status property of the window object, however, many users became annoyed at this so a lot of browsers disabled allowing scripts to change the status bar text.

In firefox letting scripts change status bar text is disabled by default and I expect most other browsers are the same.

The most common reason for changing the status bar text is so that you can disguise affiliate links.

If you want to use the status bar to display a message to your visitors then there are much better ways to acheive this, such as with Growl-style notifications.

Answered almost 10 years ago by danwellman
  • Thank you for the info/advice. The reason I am trying to change the statusbar text when the user hovers over an image is so that I can display a short tip for all the links/buttons/images on my webpage. For example, a user hovers over the search icon and the statusbar text changes to "Click this button to search" etc etc. I still see it used on old websites sometimes so i know there is still a way to do it Jason almost 10 years ago
  • support for this most likely varies from browser to browser which is how you may have seen it before. It doesn't matter how you try to do it, if the option to disable script access to the status bar is set, the status bar will not be updated... danwellman almost 10 years ago