When developing in GNU/Linux, how can a website be checked against Internet Explorer without:

Are there any options other than the above?

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Net Render http://ipinfo.info/netrenderer/index.php renders the page in IE and shows you a screen capture. (If only it would actually work right now...)

There's a firefox add-on for quick and easy access to this: http://nicopensource.free.fr/pages/ienetrenderer-en.php

Answered over 8 years ago by Daren Scot Wilson
  • Did not know about that service. Works nice. Thank you. :-) However, I would really appreciate to have a software that runs locally. I have updated my question. Alan Haggai Alavi over 8 years ago
o.k.w 2355

Honestly speaking, you have eliminated all the possible solutions I can think of with your requirements/criteria.

How about tackle it from another angle. Ask yourself or tell us WHY not those that you chose to eliminate?

Why do you need to render web pages on IE on Linux? My guess is you want to test your designed/developed pages on a browser still widely used by users.

Why not using hosted services like BrowserShots, NetRenderer or even LitmusApp?
My guess is you want something faster or a tool you can test without going online? Or perhaps you only have local files and do not have a public Url to test your pages?

Why not using IEs4Linux? Not good enough?

Why not use a virtual machine? Too resource intensive? Too slow to start up?

Share with us your thoughts. Maybe we can brainstorm something workable for you?

PS: Sorry this is not an answer but it's too long to be added as a comment. :P

Btw, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Answered over 8 years ago by o.k.w
  • You have struck the right points. I need to check the website as soon as I make minor changes. So, an online solution would not be feasible. As for ies4linux and virtual machines, they work well. However, I wish I was able to find a software that is native to GNU/Linux (KDE probably) and has the feature of displaying what Internet Explorer would display. Thank you. Wish you a very happy Christmas and joyous new year! :-) Alan Haggai Alavi over 8 years ago
  • @Alan: Well, I'm afraid I have yet to know of any native GNU/Linux tool that can do that. Good luck in your search :) o.k.w over 8 years ago