Sisira 95

I want to host a web portal, which is developed in open source CMS "joomla". I want to host the site with some domain name. What are the key factors relating to taking web space from any hosting service provider ?

Please give me some idea about the Web space, Control panel access and other information related to hosting and getting facilities from the provider.

Thanks in advance.

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Ktash 1851

Personally, I like and use Dreamhost whenever I need web hosting. When you sign up for hosting, you get a free domain name, and everything is 'unlimited'. The caveat to that is, they will contact you if your site starts taking too much of anything and ask you to sign up for a private server.

As far as services, they offer easy installing of a lot of different CMS's via their web panel, including joomla. From there, you can choose to have them manage it, and worry about upgrades and such (which they usually do a few days after a major release) or you can choose to manually manage and upgrade it. Databases come with the service, as well as email. Their web panel is easy to understand and use, and there are a lot of features and extras.

Overall, they are my personal favorite.

That said, there is only one more suggestion I have. Avoid GoDaddy hosting. They are notorious for being trouble all around. Transferring out is a pain, personally, I wasn't a fan of their web panel interface, though it was just a domain, and not hosting, so I haven't tried all the bells and whistles. They are also more expensive then Dreamhost since they charge by bandwidth and storage space.

In general, things to consider when looking at a hosting service:

  • Bandwidth and space allocation for your money
  • Programming languages and CMS support
  • Databases available and space for databases
  • Domain name price (though this can be purchased with any company theoretically)
  • Email support (if required)
  • Protocol support (if desired, things like Jabber, FTP, Streaming service, etc.)

There are a lot of hosting services out there to choose from, so I'd recommend doing your homework plotting out cost vs requirements. These are my recommendations based on my experience.

Answered over 7 years ago by Ktash