I'm currently designing a website for a client, and he needs the functionality of a content management system (he needs to be able to update the text on pages, as well as post news updates in the form of a blog). However, a couple of the pages on the website need to be really creative and contain custom HTML--they don't have the same structure as other pages.

Is there a CMS that would allow me to do this? I just need to be able to customize the content area, not necessarily the entire page (although that would be great, too). Like I said, it also needs to be able to have some kind of blog-like feature--I'm thinking something like WordPress.

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WordPress would be fine for this. You can create custom templates for pages and, after installing a plugin, for posts too.

Answered about 9 years ago by Thomas Scholz
  • Ah, great, I didn't know WordPress had something like this. Thank you! Sasha Chedygov about 9 years ago