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I am having a lot of trouble here, i'm coding a website from a Photoshop mock-up (psd) that a client has bought. I usually design my own sites for clients though. I work with the 960 Grid so I can easily align and arrange all the content on the page. But this is different.

In the .psd it is really skinny. Width is 692 pixels. There are graphics on the page that seems impossible to put in, [For example, the Domain Search Bar].

The images that is above the content is really small too. It looks just right in the .PSD but in the site live, it's too small. The client gave me a dead-line by sunday. I really need to finish this.

I really hope I can get some tips and help from Doctype!

This is what the client wants. He says if its not exactly like this then forget about it.


And this is what it looks like live......


As you can see, it's nothing alike. Please help. How can I code this? What areas should I wrap with divs? How should I create the navigation? The navigation with the glow is the hovered state. ANY help...please

  • You look as if you're getting there! :) w3d over 8 years ago

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Here's one tip for you - amend you CSS to get the correct nav width

nav { width: 638px; margin: -37px auto -28px; }

nav ul li { padding: 0 22px; }

You'll need to adjust the position of your corner reflections.

Answered over 8 years ago by John Catterfeld
  • Thanks i'm just gonna make it as it as...... LJ over 8 years ago