What is the correct way to set up your color profiles for designing for the web / implementing for front-end?

My setup is a Macbook Pro with a Dell Monitor Display 24" - I design mostly in Photoshop.

Can anyone provide me with some pointers so I can get accurate colors?

Thanks, Daniel

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Okay, I understand that part which is why I'm asking this. I didn't word it right I suppose.

What color profile should I have on my monitor that makes it the most generic? My MBP has "Color LCD" my Monitor is DELL2407

When you save for web isn't the default to not include profiles?

Answered almost 10 years ago by DFischer
  • The profile that matches the monitor you're working on? My Dell has DELL3007WFPHC against it Tony Crockford almost 10 years ago

Accurate with respect to what?

Color profiling is useful for print design, but as you have no control over the color profiles in use on the devices browsing your site, you're probably wasting your time.

In fact it's a safer bet to ensure you have all profiles off when you export your images as some browsers use them and some don't.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Tony Crockford