I've had some IE7 and IE6 users complaining about some misplaced areas on our website.

If you check the upright corner, where u have the login link and the breadcrumb area, on FF3 and IE8 they're perfect, although on IE6 and IE7 the breadcrumb shows up in the middle of the Area, the rounded corners disappear and the login link appears to be cut if half. I have no idea how to debug this issue.

Anyone came across with the same issue that I'm having ? thanks in advance

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danwellman 5600
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The reason the text is in the middle is because you have text-align:center; on the skin-info <div>. Take that off (it's doesn't do anything in the other browsers anyway) and the text sits at the left where it should.

Additionally, you are vertically centering the text by setting display:table; on the caminho <p> element. IE7 and below do not support table as a valid value for the display property. To be honest, I would remove this altogther and push the breadcrumbs down with some padding-top which will work across browsers...

Answered over 7 years ago by danwellman
  • Thank you for your help, it was extremely helpful. Rui Santos over 7 years ago
  • np :D danwellman over 7 years ago