my site looks fine in everythign except IE8 with compatibility view turned on, when it is disabled then there isn't much of a problem with the layout, except that the anchor tags dont jump to where they are supposed to in the page.

I've looked into the whole meta tag thing, annoyed that i cant put a bit of xml on my server because i am on ix webhosting with shared ips on all my sites. so putting a meta tag in the head of every html page helps, but can anyone look at the site and tell me how to get it to be 100% compatible? anchor links included? maybe I am using the wrong doctype? is there another way to have it done sitewide rather than adding the meta tag t each page? I don't undertand why i have to do twice the amount of work because of the existence of this bad browser that the masses keep using for reasons unbeknownst to me.

Thanks in advance

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Firstly, anchor tags. IE tends not to jump to the anchors if a page takes too long to load - your commercial.html page just took 60 seconds to load up. Try using jQuery to 'lazy load' the images, so that it doesn't try to load all the resources below the fold until a user scrolls down and they enter the view port.

For the layout, you should find that you can fix the homepage by adding a left:0 to your .cf_element div styles. Or left:10px to give yourself a bit of space. This should help you on the other pages too.

Answered about 8 years ago by Simon Holmes
wervil 0

thanks, I will try the jquery thing, but some of those pages have very few pictures on them and it still does the same thing, like sealcoat.html

the left:0 didn't work, except by messing up the look of things in the other browsers, like Chrome.

right now I'm using this more general hack, a meta tag that ie8 offers: meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8"/

this assures that my layout stays the same in ie8 whether compatibility view is turned off or on, but i havent tested it in ie7 or 6, is that stil being used, do we care? usually i dont even care about getting it right in explorer at all because i want to promote its downfall, but some clients complain and won't take my advice to switch browsers.

Is there something i should know? any other ways to get compatibility without using alot of crazy hacks for every little thing just to accomodate Explorer?

Answered about 8 years ago by wervil