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Thank you All for your Immense Suuport and Solutions to technical issues. Doctype is doing a wonderful job and we all its moderators are great minds!

I would like to know if there is a pop-up window feature or plugin i can use, that pops-up, when visitors stop by at my site?

The pop-up window will inform them that my site is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox version 3.5.5 and on Windows XP/Vista OS!

This way visitors can best view the site properly and have a better user-experience, while also enabling them to adapt to Open Source technologies, as this is the future!

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  • FYI, Windows is not open source. Doug over 9 years ago

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Such a behaviour would tell your visitors "This guy is stuck in 1997"!

We have HTML and CSS standards. That means that if your site is built to them, it should work fine in All browsers (but may be various degrees of weird in MSIE). You may believe Firefox is best, but I might beleive that it's too slow and lacks functionality without assorted extensions which mess up its UI and compromise security. And the odds are that my browser choice renders your site identically.

Secondly, your message misleads. What is broken in your site in Firefox 3.54, 3.50 or, for that matter, 3? Are you planning to update it ever time Firefox issues an update? What about the dozen other browsers using the same Gecko rendering engine? And, with the possible exception of plugin availability, Firefox is the same for any given release on all the various platforms it is available on.

If you know as a result of testing that your site has functional problems in MSIE certain browsers, then use Conditional comments to serve those browsers a notice that functionality may be compromised. But do it inline, not via a popup which most users will not see.

Answered over 9 years ago by Richard Grevers
  • Thanks 337. I had previously tested my site on Litmus and it was compliant for IE and Firefox. Also Safari and Chrome. I would appreciate if you could do a testing on your end for IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, as i believe these are the most used browsers. Its always nice when users test an application other than the designer himself, for genuine views. Instead of using Conditional Comments , i would like to provide compliance, even if not 100% for all browsers. Or what do you think? rodney oleshin over 9 years ago

Your html validation result (29 errors)

Your CSS validation result (28 errors)

There is no point in anyone doing browser checks until these are fixed.

Answered over 9 years ago by Richard Grevers
  • Whats the best way to fix? I didi validation with Litmus and it was A Ok on most browsers. On my laptop, my site displays fine. Even the bold text on top displays fine in the correct font. Maybe you should look at the bottom of page on rodney oleshin over 9 years ago

We stopped doing "best viewed in" ages ago. see:

if you really want to show a message that indicates you ran out of steam and think that a percentage of your visitors aren't worth bothering about then either use a browser specific hack to show a hidden div when anything other than Firefox users browser your site

some hints here:

Answered over 9 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • Could you please look at in response to your Answer above! rodney oleshin over 9 years ago
  • The site is designed for the widest possible access. For best results, please use a recent browser, set your screen size to 1024x768 and install the latest version of Flash. is not the same as best viewed with Mozilla Firefox version 3.5.5 and on Windows XP/Vista OS Tony Crockford over 9 years ago
  • Thanks 2491 for your recent "user friendly" comment! I have implemented all tips except for the setting of screen size to 1024*768! How do i do that? From my Firefox browser or from Dreamweaver MX 2004 which i use! I dont know how to do it from both areas. Also, i would appreciate if you can tell me how the site displays exactly on your screen. Good or Bad? rodney oleshin over 9 years ago