I've made a logo design in fireworks since i find it easier to make mockups, and i thought it would be easy to convert it to illustrator since its all adobe software and the files should be interchangeable. The file is made up of vectors and gradients only - no bitmap images but i want to put it in a illustrator file now because that is the requirement of the business card printers.

How can i convert fireworks vectors to illustrator vectors without losing data?

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According to this blog post, you can copy the vectors from Fireworks and paste them directly into an Illustrator document. In Fireworks, go to Edit->Copy as Vectors. Then go to Illustrator and paste what you just copied. I haven't used this myself, but I imagine that your vectors should make it over intact.

Failing that, Fireworks can also export your document as an Illustrator 8 file. Due to the age of that format, though, you might lose some of your formatting.

Answered over 9 years ago by Jesse Bye