I want to copy a whole website (uncopyrighted)'s contents to a Blogspot blog.

Basically if a website has a table of contents like this:

Intro (link) Chapter 1 (link) Chapter 2(link) etc...

How do I make a program so that automatically the links to these articles are posted to my Blogspot blog, and when I click on the links it goes to posts within my blogspot as opposed to the actual link?

So basically I want a program that does this:

When there is a series of links on a website, open link 1, copy & paste on Blogspot (on a new post) open link2, repeat until end of link,

and then create a final post that has links with the same title as the original links, to all the Blogspot posts.

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This is more of a technical question than a HTML / CSS question but automating that is a... fun process, first of all you'd need a spider either something like 80legs.com or a PHP + CURL script, then you would need to look at all the link relationships between each document and work out the related blogspot urls.

You then need to consider items like images and uploads that need to be transfered, automating blogspot was a fun process the last time I did it.

I would step back and ask why you want to do it? if its your website and its DB driven then an SQL dump would give you much more freedom (you just spider the current site to match URLS.

A wordpress site gives you an nice importable text file as does Drupal / many other CMSs.

If your doing this to scrape other sites and merge them onto a blogspot domain and replace the links with links to your site or affiliate sites then don't... its been done and if your asking the question, your not going to do it right ;)

Answered over 8 years ago by Dom Hodgson