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How can I create a pentagon and other shapes in Photoshop? Plus how can I create smooth curved lines?

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Select the Polygon Tool and then change the number of sides to "5." The polygon tool is an option for the Rectangle Tool (U) in the toolbar. It is exposed by the contextual menu or in the option bar at the top of the screen when the rectangle tool is selected.

polygon tool

The number of sides can be set in the options bar at the top of the screen (CS3).

number of sides

Curves are drawn with the Pen Tool (P). Click once to set the first vertex and then drag the handle out to set the crest direction of the bezier curve. Click again to set the position of the second vertex. If you click and hold on the second (and any following vertexes) you can immediately drag out the next handle. You can use the Direct Selection Tool (hollow arrow) to edit the curves later by dragging the vertex or curve handles.

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Answered about 10 years ago by Alex Taylor

To create a polygon in Abobe Photoshop, go to your toolbar (on the left) and left-click and hold on the shapes icon - it will then give you a list of different shapes / shape sets. Locate and select the 'Polygon Tool'.

Now on the options bar (just below file, edit etc.) you can change how many sides you'd like the shape to have - in your case you should choose '5'.

Now you can also select whether you'd like a shape layer, a path or to fill pixels - if you'd like to be able to enlarge your pentagon, I suggest choosing the 'Shape' option (usually default). Now you can left-click and drag on your canvas to form a pentagon.

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Answered about 10 years ago by Russell Bishop

Sorry I didn't spot your request for information on creating curves, Alex covered it nicely.

For more information, I recommend The Pen Tool Tutorial.

Answered about 10 years ago by Russell Bishop