Here I am again with the same gallery. I have it mostly figured out, and able to be generated with a php script, but now I am running into embedding problems. I need it to be able to be stuck into a website's containing div called 'content' and adjust its positioning based off of the shape and size of that div. Every time I try to put the gallery into the content div, though, it scrambles the gallery. Help?

I have attached a website with the broken set up. You can see the correct positioning here.

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You need to remove the absolute positioning of div#gallery

div#gallery {
height:300px; /* whatever is the height you want */
Answered almost 10 years ago by Divya Manian
  • Better, if I use the following code: div#gallery { position: relative; height: 300px; text-align: center; background-color: none; margin-right: 100px; margin-left: 100px; padding: 0; } The problem is that I need the height to be 100%, and when I set it to that it destroys the display... Jay Lauser almost 10 years ago
  • Height 100% doesnt't exist in CSS. That's not the way the Visual formatting model works in a browser. You'll have to use absolute or fixed positioning (top: 0; bottom: 0;). Jens Hedqvist almost 10 years ago
  • That is strange. Whatever. I need the #gallery to fill the page, though, without absolute or fixed positioning (because of the above problem). I am trying to implement a min-width fix, but it is not working either. How do I fix all three problems?? Jay Lauser almost 10 years ago
  • What do you mean by "fill the page"? vertical or horizontal? Divya Manian almost 10 years ago