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Hello and greetings for the new year! I am working on a quotes site on new year, where I have set background image for a div on which a scrolling quote is displayed using some javascript code. I tried background-size: 100% / cover / contain ... but none of them achieve what I want and I am looking for some new solution. What I am saying is is that if div is large, then background image should scale down and be shown fully. Thanks.

  • I'm not sure I understand what you're going for? Are you looking for it to be the size of the element, unless the element is larger, in which case it should be the image size? Ktash over 7 years ago

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Is this what you need?

Answered over 7 years ago by danwellman

This one I like as it's nice and easy. Here it is.

Answered over 7 years ago by sbl2000
  • I guess this too uses javascript.. and the page hung for few seconds when I loaded. So I guess its heavyweight script. jp19 over 6 years ago