Hello, I am trying to create a tri-column list out of one [ul] element. I would prefer to not set a height nor use the -nth-child pseudo class (as it doesn't work in IE7).

The screenshot shows what I want the column to look like when I done. But without the unnecessary height declaration (which I have set statically temporarily).

Is it worth setting the CSS with jquery?

  • Not sure it's possible without setting a height. At least I know of no method. Jquery may be your best option. CSS3 multi-columns would work good here but aren't cross browser yet Ktash almost 8 years ago

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This is a great resource to review for information on what you're trying to do.

Read this article on A List Apart >>

Answered almost 8 years ago by Gary Hepting
  • This has trouble with items of different height. Ktash almost 8 years ago