I'm working on this page here:


It looks fine in firefox, chrome, opera and IE8
But when I turn on the "compatibility view" in IE8, the menu images go below the text and not next to it.

Another problem which happens only in this view is in this page:

The thumbnails go too far left outside the view.

Anyone know how can I fix this? I have very little experience with this sort of stuff.

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Have your tried using the Developer Toolbar for IE?

Using this tool on your exhibition2010 page you have a ngg-gallery-thumbnail class in nggallery.css which has a float:right attribute, remove that and see how you go.

As for your main page; your ngg-albumtitle is affecting your ngg-albumimage.

Unfortunately, it may be a case of trial and error to fix your issue.

Sorry if this post isn't very useful, this was all I could really get into during my lunch break.


Answered about 9 years ago by Luke Duddridge