Hi everyone,

First, let me say I've really enjoyed my experience with the website for the last couple of days. Reviewing everyone's questions and comments is a great way to keep my skills sharp with new technologies and topics as well as be able to contribute my knowledge to help others. Bravo on a well designed application and UI.

However, I don't see an option to customize my profile image as I see everyone else has done (for the most part)... Am I missing something in the UI or is that feature not available because I am a new user? (See screenshots of my profile page below)

Sincerely, Gary Hepting http://garyhepting.com/

Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2

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It's done with gravatar.com. It links an image to your email for login and stuff. Works on a lot of site and blogs.

Answered over 8 years ago by David Leininger
  • Nice I'll check it out. Thanks David, you seriously rock at giving great answers extremely quick. Gary Hepting over 8 years ago
  • Thanks man! David Leininger over 8 years ago
  • Yeah that's great. Do you know if they have plans to integrate this with OpenID or something? Gary Hepting over 8 years ago

Gary, OpenID is already there: http://blog.doctype.com/openid-logins-now-available

Answered over 8 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • Yes, I do already take advantage of the OpenID login on doctype.com. I was referring to the gravatar.com application integrating with OpenID in the future. :) Gary Hepting over 8 years ago