I'm developing the design of my weblog, using Css and HTML, but I confront the problem being indecisive in my designing approach.

I have really seen great website designs and made up my own ideas, but suddenly I stumble over a site which looks great and then I get other ideas... I think you get the point.

I need some ways to plan the design. My method is: create an image of the final website in my head and write it down as a mind-map, but this features mostly only content ideas, but not design...

What are your approaches for designing a website? Do you use any specific tools, methods, etc...

I'd love to read some ideas, suggestions, etc.

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Draw it out on paper. If you've ever read XKCD, you'll know that sometimes you don't need a lot of artistic ability to get the point across. It's also probably a -much- faster way of rapidly prototyping than actually coding a prototype.

Similarly, it's standard industry practice to create layered photoshop mockups for a reason, 'cause if you start with some powerful imagery, you can really make a design pop.

Answered over 9 years ago by Tchalvak
  • Are there good alternatives to Photoshop you know of?; because I'm running a Linux box. Kenny over 9 years ago
  • Well, the Gimp is the direct equivalent to Photoshop Richard Grevers over 9 years ago

This is a more general problem for creative workers than just in web design. I'm an artist and photographer in addition to pixel-tosser. There is always that urge to do a fantastically good job, get all slick shiny ideas worked into the design/artwork, and even with a clear (ish) picture in my mind and fresh energy, it never really happens. Success comes surprisingly often with this trick: do a deliberately bad job! Just throw it together, pay no attention to proportions or color schemes, be like an idiot with it. Then later you've got something down to hack with, to make better. (Perhaps this is easier with paint and brush than with HTML and CSS.)

Answered over 9 years ago by Daren Scot Wilson