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I'm really interested how they achieved this.

Is the php/ajax querying images from a data base every time a user clicks? Would this app need a lot of queries?

Is it all javascript?


  • Is the shirt being generated by overlapping styles with transparent pngs? Adam almost 9 years ago

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A quick look at the page source reveals that a lot of what is done on that page is done in JavaScript. jQuery is also used. I do see that AJAX is being used, but without JavaScript, the page fails.

IMHO, this could be better achieved with a stronger reliance on AJAX and adding JavaScript to give a better user interface. Think of all the customers that they may be loosing because they require JavaScript. That's not to mention the SEO consequences.

Also, PHP, with it's GD graphics functions, gives some great control over dynamically created images. That might not be too helpful on the site in question, but for other sites could give the great advantage of not having to create an image for each possible user selection.

Answered almost 9 years ago by kainosnous
  • thanks. Why would they lose customers ? dont all browsers support javascript? What about the shirt image... how exactly did they do that? Adam almost 9 years ago
  • ahh Ok I searched php GD and php can manipulate images! awesome Adam almost 9 years ago
  • Not all browsers by far. Perhaps, all modern graphical browsers, but you forget (non-smart) cell phones, screen readers and braille for the blind, and people who simply have it turned off. Perhaps it isn't a lot, but every customer is money. kainosnous almost 9 years ago