Trying to get a horizontal navigation bar using a ul. Pretty straight forward, and something I've done plenty of times before.

It is working just fine in every browser except of course IE6. I went ahead and put together a bare bones page, with two lists: One with the styles applied via style in the head and one with the styles applied inline.

The inline styles are working and the list looks fine in IE6!

Clearly I am having a brain fart, a blonde moment, or some other such momentary lack of IQ. Can a fresh set of eyes please tell me what I'm missing?

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Andy Ford 533

A quick check with the validator reveals a missing space between the 'alt' and 'src' attributes

img alt="sales icon"src="images/cashregister.png"

notice there is no space after the closing double quote of "sales icon" and before the 'src' attribute.

It's always a good idea to check that your code is valid before spending too much time chasing ghosts!

Answered over 9 years ago by Andy Ford