I have a streaming movie playing on a page through an embedded Windows Media Player.
Rather than having it display in plain black during the initial buffering period, is it possible to display: the first frame; or a separate image; or even a wait/progress cursor during this time?

Or is the only option to show that something is happening by including the StatusBar?

I undestand that flash players display the first frame during the initial buffering. Unfortunately I have to use Windows Media Player to stream WMV content for this project.

  • It must be WMV? Could it not be AVI? since most Mac Users can't read WMV, but AVI most Internet Users may watch. Marcel almost 10 years ago

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Try this:


I believe you can use this parameter for the start frame to display:

<PARAM NAME="DefaultFrame" VALUE="mainframe">
Answered almost 10 years ago by tahdhaze09
  • Alas no. DefaultFrame is used as the default target browser frame for any links in the embedded media. It does not impact what is displayed in the embedded player. Matt Lacey almost 10 years ago